Nike launches smart shoes with built-in Bluetooth smart sensors

Nike+ shoes with embedded sensors

Nike+ shoes with embedded sensors

Nike has launched new line of Nike+ shoes with embedded sensors in the soles, which can measure workouts in all sorts of interesting new ways and send the data to a smartphone app. The technology behind these innovative shoes is Bluetooth 4.0. Nike’s new high-tech sneakers are the first shoes with Bluetooth Smart sensors in them.

With Bluetooth Smart sensors in their shoes, everyone from pro athletes to weekend warriors can learn a lot more about their workouts and athletic performances—information like vertical leap, quickness (“hustle”) and how many times they jumped during a game or workout. The information can be sent wirelessly to a Bluetoothhub device (in Nike’s case, an iPhone or iPod Touch) and shared with friends via the Nike+ Training app, online or through social media.

The first three models in the new Nike+ line are the Nike Hyperdunk+  basketball shoe, LunarTR1+ men’s training shoe and Lunar Hyperworkout+ women’s training shoe. Users get a measurement tool that can provide you with information to help you reach your goals, while adding a high-tech element of cool and fun to workouts.

The feedback is so precise that it can tell a basketball player how many times they jumped during a game, the hang time of each jump, and when they were jumping their highest and lowest during a game. Bluetooth Smart devices in the shoes are ultra energy efficient, running on tiny batteries that can last a year or longer.

Source: http://www.bluetooth.com/mikesblog/Pages/mikesblog.aspx


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