HeartAssist 5 from MicroMed Cardiovascular to offer wireless monitoring service

Heart Assist 5

Heart Assist 5

MicroMed Cardiovascular, manufacturer of the HeartAssist 5 Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD), recently integrated the capacity for continuous wireless monitoring into its Conquest Controller. The Conquest Controller release is pending approval by regulatory agencies.

This innovation will allow continual remote monitoring of data from the Heart Assist 5 LVAD. As a result, clinicians, doctors and technicians will be informed automatically and in the background without requiring the patient to do anything or having to come in to the clinic or hospital facilities.

Prior to MicroMed’s implementation of the M2M technology, clinicians could only access device data when the patient physically plugged the HeartAssist 5 into MicroMed’s HeartAttendant so that data could be transmitted via a local internet connection. The internet solution provided useful data, but limited patient mobility, and meant data reporting could not be continuous.

Sailesh Saxena, MicroMed’s CFO said,  “As the only provider of such wireless remote monitoring, MicroMed is expected to enhance patients’ peace of mind while providing caregivers and patients an opportunity to avoid some expensive and time consuming visits to the hospital for issues that could be managed at home”. He said further, “It is expected that the benefits of MicroMed’s unique remote monitoring solution will be eagerly documented as they are revealed.”

Source: http://www.micromedcv.com/us/news-and-media-center/press-releases/69-micromed-cardiovasculars-heartassist-5-goes-wireless

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