SIGFOX introduces cellular network for M2M and IOT communications

SIGFOX has introduced a cellular network fully dedicated to Machine to Machine and Internet of Things communications. Leveraging its know-how and patented technology, SIGFOX has developed and deployed an independent, performing, reliable, robust, frugal and cost-effective network capable of answering the needs of the Internet of Things.

The UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) technology, patented foundation of the SIGFOX network, makes it possible to operate a network on unlicensed frequency bands available worldwide, that also combines, with only a few antennas, long-range data transmissions drastically reduced power-consumption and power emission. Using this eco-friendly, robust, secured, easy to use network, SIGFOX customers reduce their carbon footprint while benefiting from extremely low prices over the whole connection chain.

By optimizing the whole network, reducing the power consumption of objects by a factor 100, SIGFOX can supply communications at costs 10 times lower than the current market prices, along with an object autonomy of 15 to 20 years. SIGFOX offer includes the subscription to the network, service tailored to fit the need of defined volume data, data streams encapsulated into web services for direct integration into customers’ IT, access to dedicated service monitoring interface, as well as data protection over a reliable, available and robust network.

In order to ease the development of applications fully compatible with its network, SIGFOX works with integrators and partners already providing its customer’s prepackaged UNB solutions and components with easy-to-integrate modems.

Ludovic Le Moan, SIGFOX chief executive officer and chairman, stated that, “The Internet of Humans is an integral and needed part of our daily lives. However in the last 15 years, nothing has been specifically tailored for the object. This is why I decided to create a network for the Internet of Things, so that the billions of objects and sensors that need to send vital or useful data be able to do so at an affordable price and in conditions that preserve the earth resources.”

The SIGFOX network, that is currently deployed over France, will soon expand its international coverage, starting, in 2013, with European countries.

Source: Sigfox.com

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