Xively brings the Internet of Things to school classroom



USA: Xively, announced it has been awarded a contract to IoT-enable UK schools, as part of DISTANCE, a consortium founded to advance education through technology.

The Internet of Things enables a world where devices, data and places are interconnected with applications and users over the Internet, transforming the way people discover and interact with the world. The IoT market is predicted to generate between $1.2 trillion1 and $14.4 trillion2 in revenue, representing over one trillion connected objects by 20203.

Chad Jones, VP Product Strategy, Xively, said: “We believe the IoT has captured the imagination of academia, businesses and consumers around the world, promising to have an enormous impact on the digital economy. While Android and iOS carved a path for almost anyone to participate, many predict the Internet of Things is driving an order-of-magnitude jump in the type of commercial opportunities the economy will generate. It’s critical that schools understand how to leverage the IoT so they can enhance the quality of education and prepare students to be active contributors to, and beneficiaries of, this 21st-century industrial revolution. We’re excited to team with leaders such as Intel, in helping students realize the commercial promise of the IoT.”

Intel is part of DISTANCE, a group of eight organizations that was awarded an £800,000 (USD $1.24 million) “Internet of Schools Things” project by the UK Technology Strategy Board. DISTANCE is helping UK schools leverage the IoT to enhance learning and inform the next generation of schools.

Duncan Wilson, Principal Investigator, ICRI Cities, Intel, said: “The Internet of Things is the next big wave of computing. It will touch more aspects of our lives and have a more profound effect on the workforce than we can begin to imagine. Intel is committed to helping today’s youth develop the skills they need to capitalize on the IoT and become the innovators of tomorrow.”

Source: http://blog.xively.com/category/news/

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